The Diaper Doc

Cloth Diaper Repair Service


Diaper orders of 10 or less will be converted and return shipped within 7 days of both receipt and payment, orders of 11+ diapers may take as long as 14 days (typically takes much less time than this – but I leave a little extra if I’m super busy with orders). 

I keep in stock the matching BumGenius colored snaps, as well as white.  All other colors are considered "customs" and have additional fees.

I can make individual adjustments for snaps.  For instance, if you prefer an equal-sized gap between all snaps without the larger center gap, I can accommodate that, just ask. 

Diapers must be clean upon my receipt, I will not convert or wash diapers that are visibly soiled.

My home is both pet- and smoke-free. 


My Disclaimer:

Conversion of diapers can sometimes reveal a previously unnoticed defect upon removal of aplix (such as uneven sewing, etc.), especially if the diaper is a “second” and you haven’t been able to find a reason why it’s a second.  Clearly I have nothing to do with this and cannot be held responsible for defects that are made more obvious upon conversion.  Snap conversion can also make “holes” where aplix is removed from the area it was stitched on at manufacture.  You can see these on the "Snap Options" page - most visible on the green diapers.  These small stitch marks are a typical effect of snap conversion and I cannot make guarantees as to whether they will or will not exist on your diapers.  These holes typically minimize after a few washes. 



The actual snaps themselves are guaranteed for 6 months from date of return shipment.   If they should break diapers can be returned to me and snaps replaced free of charge.