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Cloth Diaper Repair Service

  How Snap Conversion Works

Snaps are placed on the diapers from the inside.  If you look inside your pocket diapers and see what the snaps look like for the one-size settings, that is exactly what it will look like on the inside with the snap conversion.  Diapers that do not have an additional layer of PUL on the inside will need to be reinforced with a thin layer of fleece at your request to prevent snaps from tearing through the fabric for a nominal additional fee (this fleece is not noticeable unless the diaper is turned inside out and does not affect performance - looks similar to the interior of a FuzziBunz).  The main cost associated with snap conversion is labor – it’s incredibly time-consuming.  Here are some pics of what the converted diapers look like, with the "economy" snap conversion.