The Diaper Doc

Cloth Diaper Repair Service

    Elastic Repair and Pricing

I repair elastic on diapers by using only high-quality 100% polyester thread and ball point needles.  To repair the elastic I open up the inside of the diaper and re-sew it, no snipping of the fleece or suedecloth is involved.

 Pricing for each pocket diaper:

  • 1 piece (1 leg or waist) $1.75
  • 2 pieces (2 legs or 1 leg and waist) $3.25
  • 3 pieces (2 legs and waist) $4.75 

Please ask about pricing for other styles of diapers. 

Following elastic repair, it is recommended before first use to dry your diapers with PUL on high heat for about 15-20 minutes to help seal the holes where the stitch marks have been made.  This will prevent the diapers from wicking during use.